Small Groups

At strathfield 9am and 4:30pm, we hold a variety of Small Groups for fellowship, prayer and study of the Bible. Our Small Groups are at the heart of the life of our church and the key to our growth as Christians and individuals. At these Small Groups that people really grow in their knowledge, love and service of God and each other.

Small Groups are groups of about 10-15 people, often meeting in the homes of members of the church. They usually begin with snacks and socialising (maybe even a meal), followed by the Small Group leader leading a discussion focusing on the study and application of the Bible. If you’re visiting a Small Group you can participate in the discussion as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Groups usually end by taking some time to pray.

We know people are busy, so depending on your age, location and availability we have Small Groups that run weekly and monthly throughout different locations in Sydney.  Some are well catered for families with young children.

If you would like to join a group, contact small groups coordinator, Angie Ng, or one of the pastors.