At CroydonPark@10, we believe that God’s desire is to be known by all people, fulfilled through His people. Reflecting this desire of God, mission is the nature of the church, not just an activity of the church.

WSCCC has had a long history of sending and supporting missionaries grown from our own congregations. We believe that not only are they sent from us, but we maintain a partnership in their ministry in their respective countries. We see prayer as mission, and we enable the missionaries to minister by our encouragement and financial provision.

Our church play four key roles in missions ministry:

  • Sending
  • Prayer
  • Pastoral care
  • Finance

Missions ministry across the wider church is overseen by the Global Missions Committee (GMC). They encourage mission-mindedness in congregation members by forming the missions vision for the church. They also oversee the sending, interviewing, planning and support of our missionaries on the field and when they return on home assignment.

Each congregation also has a Missions Action Group (MAG) whose role is to foster missions education and global awareness specific to their congregation.

We are committed to regular updates and prayer for our missionaries as part of our partnership in their ministries. ‘Missions Month’ happens every year during the month of June, during which we have a creative programme of missions awareness during each service.

Learn more about how we are involved with local mission and short-term global missions, as well as find out more about the global missionary families we support.


Faith Promise Giving

Our financial support system is founded on the principle of Faith Promise Giving, a Biblical way to provide for mission. It is based on 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, where the Macedonian Christians “gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability“.

The generous faith promise was made on the basis of God’s faithfulness to enable them to give.

During Missions Month each June, we explain this Faith Promise system of giving, with details about our church’s financial commitment in supporting our global missionaries. Throughout the year, we also provide progressive updates about missionary giving. For many decades, God has faithfully provided all the needs for all our missionaries.

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