2 Children’s Ministry Worker positions at West Sydney Chinese Christian Church

An opportunity to sow seeds of the gospel

2 Children’s Ministry Worker positions at West Sydney Chinese Christian Church (Strathfield and Croydon Park)

West Sydney Chinese Christian Church is an evangelical church, located in two campuses (Strathfield and Croydon Park). We are looking to employ two part-time Children’s Ministry Workers – one at each campus – commencing early 2022.

  • Children’s Ministry Worker at Croydon Park – 2.5 days per week.
  • Children’s Ministry Worker at Strathfield – 3.5 days per week.

These are two separate appointments responsible for coordinating and leading the children’s ministries at each site respectively. However, both appointments will work together in some responsibilities such as resources and training.

About us

Although predominantly Chinese in background, we seek to minister to any culture, with a total of 7 services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese across our 2 locations.

Ministry to families and children is a priority for our church. Our vision is to raise up children to love and serve Jesus. We seek to sow the seeds of the gospel, grow their Biblical knowledge, and nurture genuine faith in our children. Our children’s ministries form an important part of our overall ministry to families and outreach to the community.

The children’s ministry teams are coordinated by a Children’s Ministry Worker at each campus, working with volunteers who serve in Sunday School classes, and weekly Playgroups. The ministry is well-supported by the pastors and leadership. For those interested in cross-cultural ministry, our church offers plenty of experiences and opportunities.

The roles

The position of Children’s Ministry Worker will include (but not be limited to):

  • Overseeing the Sunday School ministry:
    • Planning curriculum – whether on-site classes, or online during Covid restrictions.
    • Recruit, train and support the team of volunteer teachers.
    • Teach and minister to children.
    • Equip parents to minister to their children
    • Ensure compliance with legal requirements.
    • Planning occasional special children’s ministry activities (eg items for special services, and holidays).
  • Coordinating the Playgroup as an outreach.
  • Attending one of our church services regularly.

The scope of responsibilies

Croydon Park Children’s Ministry Worker (2.5 days/week)

Sunday School:
Pre-school to primary age.
All in English language.
4 classes in 1 timeslot.

Tuesday mornings.

Strathfield Children’s Ministry Worker (3.5 days/week)

Sunday School:
Pre-school to primary age.
4 classes in English at 9.00am.
8 classes in English, Mandarin, Cantonese at 10:30am.

Tuesday mornings.

Additionally, there will be occasional:

  • Special ministry events.
  • Training events.
  • Ministry coordination meetings.

Qualities of the candidate

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a mature Christian.
  • Have experience and passion for ministering to children in a church context.
  • Have skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and administration.
  • Have good English skills.
  • For the Strathfield role, have reasonable verbal Mandarin and/or Cantonese skills.

Having formal theological training is an advantage.

For more information

To enquire about the role, including a more detailed job description, contact:

  • Croydon Park role: Margaret Chu at magschu12@gmail.com
  • Strathfield role: Lily Shen at lily.kl.shen@gmail.com