Bulletin Announcements – 30 July 2017

  • Mission Faith Promise Giving: Our 2017/18 target is $213,000 across 180 returned slips. As of July 23rd, we have received a total of $158,330 across 137 returned slips. If you have not put in a return slip, it is not too late to partner with our missionaries and support them financially.


  • The Diaconate will hold two information meetings for all church members to share about the Church Development Plan. During the past 2 years, the Diaconate has been discussing the changing needs of our congregations, as well as our statutory requirements regarding our building facilities. The result is a 3-4 year master plan to renovate and develop our church buildings. The first meeting at 1pm, today will include a sharing of the vision, our needs, a presentation by the appointed architect, and the financial planning. An information booklet will be distributed and explained on that day to all for your reading and prayerful consideration. A second meeting will be held at 1pm, Sunday August 27 for further questions and discussions from members. A final decision to proceed will be made by a members’ vote during the Annual General Meeting on Sunday September 24. All meetings will be held at WSCCC Strathfield. Please join us for these meetings.


  • It is our congregation’s turn to lead the church’s Combined Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night [8:00 PM Wed 2 August]. It would be great for S9 to be well represented.  So, please, be present if you can be.


  • Salt 2017: The theme for this year’s CP10 August SALT forums is: “Living As Christians In A Post-Christian society”. The topics will cover the meaning of “post-Christian society” and how we can evangelize, engage with the media, and raise children in this secular environment. These forums will take place over four Wednesday evenings (9th-30th Aug, 7:30pm). Post card invites are now available. Also see our website and Facebook pages for more details.