Winter school resource: How Multimedia can Help your Ministry

How Multimedia can Help your Ministry

Resources by Matt Lim.

Free  (lots and lots of free fonts – repent of Comic sans and Arial!) (free – and paid – stock images and designs, Christian focus) (massive library of free stock images) (probably the best source of clear, well designed Christian infographics – covering theology, Christian history and individual bible books) (Australian website with heaps of great youth ministry resources) (a large collection of resources for kids and teens) (helps with choosing colour schemes/palletes) (upload an image and it suggests a pallete for you, cool!) (sermons, podcasts, videos, graphic design ideas) (Australian site /blog about effective gospel communication tools and ideas)  (The evangelical heavy hitters in the US – think Keller, Driscoll, Carson, Dever, etc – pool their resources and discussion into one big site)

Not-so-free (well-produced videos) (great animation-style videos, eg. Kinetic typography) (“out of the box” biblically-based artist/designer)