High school years are a formative time of questioning and understanding the world around us.

At CroydonPark@10, we consider our high-schoolers to be an integral part of our community. Our youth ministries are positive environments where fellow young Christian guys and girls can study the Bible in ways relevant to them, pray, hang out and form strong friendships. Some of the youth may not yet have a personal relationship with God, so these ministries provide a relaxed and comfortable place to find out more about God and his son Jesus.

The vision of our youth ministries is to be a genuine, fun, supporting and forgiving community of high school students, growing in Christian maturity, bringing Jesus to the world, and serving society.

We have two groups for high schoolers:

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Glue is the youth group formed by the high schoolers of the wider church, from both Croydon Park and Strathfield congregations. This youth group meets at 7:30pm on Friday nights during term time, in the hall at 90 Homebush Rd, Strathfield. The program includes games, singing, Bible study, prayer and supper. Occasionally they have topical seminars, media nights and social activities.

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Our CPHigh youth ministry meets on the first Sunday of every month at 9am (before our service). If you are in high school, this is an awesome way to get to know some of the others in congregation whilst exploring more about God. Our wider church also hosts and Friday evening youth group at 90 Homebush Road, Strathfield.


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