Sunday October 21 – Special Collection & Book for Ariel

Special Collection

After surgical treatment for his neck injury, Rev. Ariel Kurilowicz is now in the process of rehabilitation.  However this is usually a slow process that takes many months. As Pastor Ariel has used up his leave entitlement and needs to be on no-pay leave from the month of October, the diaconate has decided to hold an appeal for Pastor Ariel and his family on the Sunday of 21 October.

After the general offering is taken, an extra collection will be taken from all congregations as a love gift from brothers and sisters to Pastor Ariel and his family. Please consider prayerfully and give generously in cash or cheque payable to Ariel Kurilowicz.


As you are probably aware, we have a book for people to write messages to Ariel. If you took a page away to write a message on, please bring it back this Sunday. If you haven’t written in the book yet, but would like to, please do so this Sunday (it doesn’t have to be a long message).

We hope to give it to him next week. Let’s continue to uphold our brother in prayer.


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