Chadd Hafer - 03/04/2020

Good Friday - Crucifixion/Resurrection: What’ the same and what’s unique?

Today as we continue into Easter week, our Good Friday Bible reading takes us to the very heart of the Gospel. The written accounts of Matthew, Mark and Luke all contain some common material about Jesus’ crucifixion. However, each of these writers also includes some unique testimonies. Today we’ll be looking at Luke’s account, since it’s the longest and most comprehensive of the three. But I’ll also be sharing some reflections from the other gospels. My prayer today is that we will grow in our understanding of the significance of Christ’s crucifixion, and also in our love for him. Today’s passage comes from Luke 23:26-49. Stay tuned to the end to hear a closing prayer from Parisa and to find out the answer to Dawson’s trivia question!

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