Online service, 17th May

Welcome to our CP10 service online

Welcome! Whether you’re a regular or a guest, we’re glad you’ve joined our service today. CroydonPark@10 is a congregation that is part of the wider West Sydney Chinese Christian Church (WSCCC).

Let’s start our service, with a welcome from our pastor Chadd Hafer.

Songs of worship

It is truly mind-blowing to consider that our holy God, who is all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present, desires to have a personal relationship with us human beings! Let’s lift our voices in praise to Him, the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

The next song was introduced to CP10 last week, and proclaims God’s plan of salvation in order for us to be in right relationship with Him. We are redeemed only through Christ’s life, death and resurrection.


Our current sermon series

This week we continue our series in the book of Deuteronomy. Today, Pastor Chadd will be speaking from Deuteronomy 30 about God’s plan to turn curse into blessing.

St Paul’s Pantry Ministry

As our world continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, there are many people in our local community who are being placed under severe hardship. Therefore, we are thankful for our ongoing partnership with St. Paul’s Pantry ministry (that provides essential grocery items for some of our community’s most needy people).

Please contact Pastor Chadd, Yen, Parisa or Margaret for information about how you can continue to support this valuable ministry. Thank you.

Covid-19 update

We thank the Lord that Australia has been spared much of the global catastrophe of COVID-19. Thank you also to all our members, who have patiently supported each other throughout this period. Although we are separated by distance, we are united in fellowship and worship of the one Lord.

It is a good sign that the Prime Minister and NSW Premier have lifted some restrictions to social gatherings. We encourage members to resume fellowship in-person with each other (5 visitors to homes, or 10 outdoors) while still respecting social distancing guidelines. Perhaps you could meet in each other’s homes to do Sunday worship together while accessing online services. It is still not possible to meet at church yet, and no meetings or activities are to resume there except by approval of pastors or deacons. The Lord has been faithful and merciful to our nation and to our church. May we offer our thanks and honour to God in response as His holy church.

Diaconate has drafted a Post COVID-19 Reintegration plan for our ministries:

Sunday services onsite at church will likely not re-commence until September/October. Churches need to be particularly cautious about public health, due to the large number of people, many of them elderly, meeting in closed spaces, involving activities such as singing and fellowship. We must be vigilant about physical distancing and hygiene.

Contact tracing in the event of a church member testing positive for COVID-19 is also critical – therefore we encourage all church members to download the COVIDSafe app so that members can be aware (and contacted) if they have been exposed, particularly if at a church activity.

During the 4-5 months before on-site services resume, we encourage members to continue to pray for the nations suffering from COVID-19, also giving thanks for Australia’s safety. Please continue to enjoy the convenience of on-line church services. But we also encourage you to re-connect with other church members in fellowship as the restrictions are lifted. Perhaps you could meet in each other’s homes to do Sunday worship together (still respecting social distancing guidelines). The Lord has been faithful and merciful to our nation and to our church. May we offer our thanks and honour to God in response as his holy church.

Read more in the latest church bulletin E_CP10_May-17-2020 Web (PDF).

Congregational prayer

As followers of Jesus, we have an open invitation to approach our Heavenly Father anytime, regardless of our situation. Let’s take a few minutes now to praise and thank God – the Giver of all good gifts that we receive daily; to bring our brokenness before Him that He may make us whole; and to ask for His mercy on our hopeless, helpless world that it may know the hope that is in Christ. If you are attending this service with your family and friends, why not take some time to pray together. We’ve also provided some prayer points below to help you.
  • Pray for the nations still suffering from COVID-19 and thank God for His faithfulness to our nation and to our church
  • Please pray that God will give wisdom to our church leaders as they consider how to recommence meeting together safely, as government restrictions are slowly eased


Financial giving is a Christian act of thanks and worship. It demonstrates our total reliance on our God to provide for all our needs. We invite you to prayerfully consider your response to this call to worship. Below are our weekly budget to support various ministries and details to direct your offerings.

  • General fund: ($22,540)
  • Mission fund: ($4,722)
  • Building fund: (remaining target to raise $404,000)

Give online

using bank transfer, Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Regular members can give online as an act of worship.

General fund

BSB: 082080
Account number 482436244

Mission fund

BSB: 082080
Account: 528560495

Building fund

BSB: 082451
Account: 739320475

Mission spot

Living in Australia, we often take our freedom for granted. COVID-19 restrictions show us what a privilege it really is to be able to meet & sing together, read God’s word and hear it preached without fear. Today, there are many places where choosing eternal life in Jesus is a death sentence. The video clip below is produced by Open Doors whose ministry is to strengthen and prepare Christians living in persecution. As you watch the clip, thank God that His word that brings life has called His people in Iran, ask Him to sustain them in His grace that they may remain in Him and consider how you might bless your Iranian friends in Australia by sharing the good news of Jesus.

Bible reading and Sermon

Today’s passage comes from Deuteronomy 30 and will be read by Farida in the sermon video below.

Kids ministry

Click below to see latest KM slides for the parents and many more resources from Colin Buchanan, Quizworx and Church at Home.

Start Kids Ministry

Response and reflection

If you’re on your own then you may want to write down some personal responses. If you’re meeting with others online then take some time to share questions or reflections you may have, or ways in which you’ve been challenged by God’s word today:

  1. Are you trusting in your own righteousness to save you, or is your righteousness based on faith in Jesus Christ?
  2. Knowing that Christ bore the curse of your sins on the cross, will you now commit yourself to regularly confessing and turning away from sin?
  3. Are you keeping in step with the leading of the Holy Spirit and striving to live a Christ-like life?

Our song of response guides us through praise, confession and dedication to follow God, thus choosing life and blessing in Him. “Ebenezer” means “stone of help” and represents the statement, “the Lord has helped us”.

That marks the end of our online service today.  May the Lord help us to love Him with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our strength.  Amen!

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