During our church building renovation in 2019, our Sunday services are at the following times and locations:

Homebush Boys High School, Homebush
9am Homebush Boys High (男子中學) strathfield 9am (English)
10:30am Homebush Boys High (男子中學) 國語堂 (Mandarin)
Strathfield – corner of Homebush Rd & Alviston St, Strathfield
8:45am Chapel 粵語堂 (Cantonese)
10:30am Chapel 粵語堂 (Cantonese)
Croydon Park – corner of Boyle and Violet Sts, Croydon Park
10:00am Chapel CPM 國語堂 (Mandarin)
10am Hall Croydon Park@10 (English)
4:30pm Hall Strathfield 4:30 (English)