2020 Vision

Who can resist running a vision series in 2020, for that pun on 2020 vision? We all need to see clearly. We all need a vision for the future. And people often ask me about our vision as a church…

But there are a lot of other reasons to look at our vision as a church.

In many ways, it feels like a new beginning. It’s the end of the 20-teens and the beginning of the 20-twenties. We’ve just moved into out newly renovated building at Strathfield. And we’ve just welcomed two new team members to our pastoral team.

Our Vision series is going through our WSCCC vision statement:

To be a people of God

Growing in Christ

Reaching out with the gospel

Until He returns.

This is developed from our mission statement to be a future focused statement of what we hope to be. You’ll notice that the scope is not your average SMART goals timeframe, but based on the vision of Christ’s return from Scripture.

And this isn’t some human strategic planning activity, but a look at God’s vision for His church. In fact, this vision is completely saturated in Scripture, and God’s word inspires us to pursue this vision together.

Here’s an overview of the series:

March 1Revelation 21:1-5Pursuing God’s Vision as a ChurchAndrew Bardsley
March 81 Peter 2:4-12Being a people of GodWayne Mok
March 15Ephesians 4:1-16Growing in ChristAndrew Bardsley
March 22Mat 28:18-20, Col 4:2-6Reaching out with the GospelDan Chieng