Our church-wide vision

 To be a people of God, growing in Christ, reaching out with the gospel until he returns.

Our congregation mission

To know Jesus through the living words of the Bible and to love people as a welcoming community, reaching out globally.

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Our mission statement reflects our focus on:

  1. Knowing God through Jesus. We do this by believing the gospel of Jesus centered on His death and resurrection.
  2. Reading and teaching the Bible We believe God has chosen to communicate with us through the living words of Scripture. These words are living because God’s Spirit drives His unchanging words home to our hearts. We are a Reformed and Evangelical church.
  3. Loving our brothers and sisters in the church community, welcoming all people. We have a great range of programs and groups to help with this. Prayer is a priority for us.
  4. Loving all people by reaching out to them with the gospel of Christ. We proclaim this gospel locally and globally. We also seek to promote the gospel through godly and gracious living. We have a strong World Missions focus and have sent out many long term missionaries and short term teams.
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Our seven ‘distinctives’ explain who we are and our ministry philosophy:

  1. Proclamation of the gospel: God calls people into His Church through the gospel of Jesus. Therefore we aim to proclaim this gospel clearly, both individually and corporately. We are a church always on mission.
  2. Promotion of the gospel: We not only seek to declare the gospel of Jesus, but adorn this teaching with godly living by the power of the Holy Spirit. Integral to this is meaningful and loving fellowship with each other and faithful prayer.
  3. Teaching the Bible: The gospel of Jesus is known through the Bible. This gospel not only saves but sanctifies the believer. Therefore we seek to read and teach the Scriptures faithfully. Our theology may be described as Reformed and Evangelical.
  4. Having small and large groups: As well as our Sunday services we strongly encourage involvement in a mid-week Bible study group. Our small groups are for teaching, prayer, evangelism and pastoral care. Our small group vision is to be: “Christ centred communities contributing to a vibrant church for Sydney to see.”
  5. Open to all cultures: Whilst acknowledging our predominantly Asian-Australian cultural heritage, we seek to be a multicultural church, reaching people from the local community as well as our friends from any background.
  6. Passionate about World Missions: Just as God’s heart is for all peoples of the world to be saved, we also seek to reflect His passion by promoting and supporting global Missions in all we do.
  7. Training and sending gospel workers: We seek to develop all people for service. We help all our people find and develop their God-given gifts within the church. We actively train and send workers for both local and global gospel ministry.
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