Just as a body has many parts, our people have many roles – each with their own gifts and talents. We believe that serving in a ministry goes far beyond performing a necessary task – it’s also about becoming part of the church community and serving one another the way Christ served us. 

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The pastoral team

The pastoral team gives spiritual leadership to the wider church and its six congregations. It consists of the ministers, and Sunday school administrator. They determine the overall spiritual direction of the church, in addition to ministry responsibilities amongst their respective congregations.

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The diaconate

The diaconate is the governing body of the wider church, facilitating the smooth running of the whole church and its ministries. The deacons also have a role of spiritual leadership within the congregations, and many oversee various ministries.

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CroydonPark@10 English Worship Committee (EWC)

The CroydonPark@10 English Worship Committee (EWC) directly oversees our ministries here. It consists of the pastor, coordinators of each ministry area, and mature members of our congregation.

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Ministry coordinators

Ministry coordinators determine their respective strategic direction, ministry goals & framework, and pastoral aspects relevant to their areas. They are also the first contact points for information about each ministry. Our main ministry areas at CroydonPark@10 are:

  • Sunday Services
  • Music Ministry Team
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Small Groups
  • cpHigh youth group
  • Kid’s Ministry
  • Winter School training program
  • Missions Action Group
  • General Affairs (property)

Find out more about our ministries here.

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