Sex inside of marriage

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For those looking for the links on the ‘Sex inside of marriage’ sermon outline:


  • Wise people get help if needed. Counseling:

Married for God – Christopher Ash

Brilliant theology and applications. Top recommendation.

This Momentary Marriage – John Piper

Fix your eyes on the permanent marriage to Christ

Sex, Romance and the Glory of God (What every Christian husband needs to know) – C. J. Mahaney

Men, romance your wives. Here is how … A must read!

The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert – Rosaria Butterfield

One out of left field… but the best testimony/autobiography I’ve read in ages. A picture of healing from past sexual sin & using marriage in God’s service. By the end of the book there are some culturally odd ideas that I wouldn’t endorse, but they are still provocative in a good way.


Grace and peace, Mark