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Registration for Winter School is now available online! Check it out here. Courses include:

  • Explaining Christianity – ‘Christianity’ can be a loaded word in today’s society. What is it all about and how can it apply to you?
  • Everyday Evangelism – Turning ordinary events of life into extraordinary opportunities to share the gospel.
  • Being Smart with Your Money – Money. Finance. Spending. ‘Money is power’ but how should Christians wield such a tool?
  • 3 Common Struggles: Understanding & Caring – Depression, anxiety and grief are realities of life. How do we as Christians equip ourselves knowing this?
  • How to Read the Bible Aloud – This very practical course will help you gain skills for the vital ministry of reading God’s word.
  • Parenting: Enjoying & Enduring Your Children – Some practical tips to parenting your children at any age