Short-term mission trips are exciting opportunities for our congregation to experience  and serve in global missions first hand.

Short-term missions can be undertaken either as individuals or as a team. Some people go with the intention of preparation for long-term service, some to be exposed to new perspectives on God’s world, and yet others seek to understand what it is our missionaries do.

Participants have included young people, older people, children, professionals, students and retirees. In all, short-term missions are about being open to what God wants to teach you, and then having the wisdom to respond – a short-term trip as part of a long-term journey, which is the Christian life.

Examples of short-term missions

Over the years, many from our congregation have been transformed by their opportunities to serve in Christian cross-culturally ministry. Some examples include Tanzania, Niger, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vanuatu, Bolivia, Romania, Papua New Guinea, and central Australia. Their projects have included preaching and evangelism, children’s, youth and campus ministries, café ministries, medical/dental, sports, English-teaching, construction and logistical support.

Formal CroydonPark@10 short-term missions teams have served in Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, and Bolivia. These teams spend 18 months preparing and following up around their respective trips. Some have returned overseas in long-term ministry, and others have newfound perspectives on their existing ministries. Either way, lives are changed through the experience of short-term mission.


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