Our church has had a long history of sending and supporting missionaries grown from our own congregations. Currently we partner with 9 missionary families.

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Phil & Irene Nicholson (with Zac, Ben and Matt)

Phil & Irene Nicholson (with Zac, Ben and Matt) have been ministering in Taiwan since 1992. Irene has been part of our church since 1978, and Phil joined in 1985 as the catechist. Based in Taipei, Phil oversees all the OMF missionaries in Taiwan (as Field Director), and Irene oversees the short-term missions programme.

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Rolf & Bonnie Lepelaar (with Jasmine and Samuel)

Also long-time members of our church, the Lepelaars have ministered in Cambodia since 1996. For many years, Rolf has lectured at the Phnom Penh Bible School, and is now increasingly involved in local church ministry. Bonnie has overseen the Sunshine Centre for Children. They are sent through CMS.

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Wayne & Angela Chen (with Eunice)

The Chens, from our Cantonese congregation, have been involved with grassroots evangelism amongst the Taiwanese working class since 2003. Based in Chiayi, their ministry takes place in parks, marketplaces, restaurants and homes.



Matt Lim

Matt is our local missionary, with a ministry to as youth pastor at Marrickville Anglican church, as well as teaching the Bible at Marrickville and Tempe High Schools each week. Having grown up in our church, he was challenged to go into paid ministry after our short-term mission trip to Kyrgyzstan. At Bible college, he met and married Jen. Their wedding included elements from Star Wars as well as The Sound of Music!

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Aaron and Amy Koh (with Zoe, Felicity, Jonathan and Mitchell)

Like most of our missionaries, Aaron grew up at WSCCC, and developed a desire to serve God in global ministry. Also previously a pastor at WSCCC, in early 2013 the family will join the ministry team in Taiwan long-term, reaching out to the working-class people of Taiwan, through evangelism and church planting.

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Andrew and Joanna Wong (with Emily)

From late 2012, the Wongs serve in long-term gospel ministry in Japan, commencing with language-learning. Previously a pastor at WSCCC, Andrew’s vision is to be involved in church planting ministry in Hokkaido. Their mission journey began with lessons God taught them in Kyrgyzstan.
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Alex and Naomi Fung

Both Alex and Naomi have long been passionate about mission, with Alex serving in Japan for 2 years, and Naomi in China for 2 years. During mid-2013, they will commence their long-term ministry as gospel workers in Japan, working in evangelism, campus ministries and church ministries.
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