At CroydonPark@10, we hold formal outreach events to which we invite our friends, families and neighbours.

  • Pre-evangelistic events introduce visitors to people from our church in a casual social environment. Usually they include a short talk introducing God. Past events have included Men & Motors (special event for men), Gingerbread House Night (special event for ladies), and our annual Carols at CroydonPark.
  • Evangelistic services are deliberately simple in format, with each element explained, the gospel presented clearly, and with an opportunity to respond to that message. These services are usually at Easter and Christmas, plus other Guest Services during the year. We also encourage visitors to join us for baptism services, where they can hear the testimonies of the candidates.
  • Courses take place regularly. These  consist of a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith in greater depth, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Our usual course is called Explaining Christianity and has four sessions.

Surry Hills Urban Mission (SHUM)

In addition to formal outreach events, the English congregations of WSCCC partner the Surry Hills Urban Mission with people. We send out a team of people to partake in SHUM each Tuesday evening for a month, twice a year. SHUM is an urban mission to the “street community” of the Surry Hills and Central Station area. These people are those on the fringes of society, sometimes without an accepted place in work or even family. Whilst most live a transient existence, they nevertheless share that universal need for acceptance by God.

The SHUM team demonstrates the love of Christ to these people who would never step into a traditional church. As they build relationships with many who return each Tuesday night, our team members slowly develop opportunities to share their own live and faith in Jesus. On the final Sunday of each month, the team runs an informal “church service” of sorts at Edward Eagar Lodge.

Learn more about SHUM on their blog or find them on Facebook!

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