Covid-19 update, 18th March

WSCCC: We are meeting for the church, both on-site and online!

As we continue to face the challenges of Covid-19 on the world, we play our part in eradicating the virus and preserving the safety of the church and wider community by supporting the government’s guidelines and recommendations. On 18 March, the government has declared an immediate restriction for public meetings to have no more 100 attendees. Therefore the Stage 3 measures of our Covid-19 Response Plan are to take place.

We still have services on-site – with new times!

We believe that it is important for Christians to meet together as a church, and we will maintain our church services on-site, in a safe environment, for those who are able to attend. To comply with these numbers, each of our church services, at both Strathfield and Croydon Park, needs to be held at its own timeslot, without overlap with other congregations. This means temporary new times for our services (they may be changed or deferred again):

  • Strathfield English 9am
  • Strathfield combined Cantonese 10:15am
  • Strathfield Mandarin 11:30am
  • Strathfield English 4:30pm
  • CP10: 9:30am
  • CPM: 11am
  • Glue and Stick youth groups may continue if their leadership wishes.
  • Sunday School arrangements are being worked out as a priority.

We continue to maintain high standards of hygiene, and remind our members to practice all the publicised measures.

Each service should aim to last no longer than 1 hour, and attendees to adjourn to other places for fellowship promptly, so that the next congregation can arrive without overlap.

Deacons will be asked to count the attendance numbers, including Sunday School children. If our numbers exceed 100, they may graciously ask some humble attendees to kindly return home share in the service via electronic means.

Worship as WSCCC from home

Each congregation is working on formats for members to participate in their church services from home. We encourage people to consider using these with a small group of friends, maintaining fellowship with each other.

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