1. Jesus Among Other Gods

    June is Mission month at WSCCC, and we’re doing a series on “Jesus Among Other Gods”.  In this series, inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ book of the same name, we will look at four major ideologies in our world:

    • June 4: Atheism
    • June 11: Buddhism
    • June 18: Hinduism
    • June 25: Islam

    We’ll gain a better understanding of these different beliefs and how they compare and contrast with the message of Jesus, and consider their underlying worldview and implications.

    We’ll seek to do this in a spirit of true tolerance – that we love and accept all people regardless of their beliefs – and that respectful disagreement and debate is an important part of a multicultural society.  We also recognise that these thought systems have significant differences in what they teach and maintain about the nature of reality – and these are matters not merely of subjective personal preference but matters of objective truth.

  2. New Service Survey

    We praise and thank God for the numerical and spiritual growth of our English services.

    WSCCC is prayerfully considering starting a new English speaking service (probably in the afternoon or evening).

    If you are a regular member or attender of this church we’d appreciate you prayerfully considering the new service and completing the survey.

    The survey is available online here: https://goo.gl/forms/dEKLLw7h8P2CxD9X2 or you can pick up a paper copy at church.


  3. Romans Overview: The Gospel from First to Last

    Paul’s letter to the Romans is his fullest explanation of the Gospel and, the purpose of this series is to see the big picture of the Gospel by an overview of Romans – in just six sessions:

    Romans 1:1 – 3:20 Why We Need Someone To Save Us 23rd April 2017
    Romans 3:21 – 4:25 How God Saves Us For Free In Jesus 30th April 2017
    Romans 5:1 – 8:39 Why Sin Can’t Defeat Us Because of Jesus 7th May 2017
    Romans 9:1 – 11:36 Israel, The Church, and God’s Sovereignty 14th May 2017
    Romans 12:1 – 15:6 Living the Christian Life 21st May 2017
    Romans 15:7 – 16:27 Why Paul’s Ministry to the Gentiles Was So Important 28st May 2017


    Strathfield 9am Romans