1. 1 Thessalonians Talk Series

    1 Thessalonians is the first letter of the Apostle Paul to the people who had become Christians in Thessalonica. One of the key themes of this encouraging little book is the second coming of Christ, which is mentioned in every chapter of the book.  So this series is subtitled:

    “Living in light of Christ’s Coming”

    The book gets practical as we see how the declaration of the good news about Jesus Christ had an amazing effect on the people of Thessalonica, how the church stood firm and grew despite facing opposition and persecution, and how we should live – as individuals, and as a community – between the first and second comings of the the Lord.

  2. 40th Anniversary Service Sunday 15th April

    On Sunday 15th April we will have a special combined 40th Anniversary Service:

    • When: 9:30am
    • Where: Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill.

    Our usual 9am and 4:30pm services will NOT be running on the day.

    We look forward to celebrating this special occasion together.

  3. 7 Questions About Easter

    During Easter 2018, our church will be looking at the final events of Jesus’ earthly life that we celebrate each Easter.  And we’ll be asking a pointed question about each event:

    1. The Passover – Why was Jesus’ last meal on earth so special?
    2. The Garden of Gethsemane – What did Jesus wrestle over in prayer before his death?
    3. The Sanhedrin – Why did the Jewish leaders condemn Jesus to death?
    4. The Roman trial – Why did Pilate seal Jesus’ death?
    5. Jesus’ crucifixion – Why did Jesus have to die on a cross?  (Good Friday – Strathfield 9am only)
    6. Jesus’ resurrection – Why did Jesus make supernatural resurrection appearances? (Easter Sunday – Strathfield 9am and 4:30pm)
    7. Jesus’ ascension – Why did Jesus need to be taken up into heaven?

    Easter is arguably the most significant date in the Christian calendar, and it is also at the heart of the Gospel message.  This is a great opportunity for us to look at the historical events of that first Easter and why they are so significant.

    Note: Easter Services

    Good Friday service will be held at 9am (not 4:30pm).  We’ll take this opportunity to come together again after launching our new service, and celebrate Good Friday together.

    Easter Sunday Services will run at both 9am and 4:30pm