1. Christmas 2016

    Celebrate Christmas at our Strathfield 9am Christmas service.  It will be fun, kid-friendly and feature some classic Christmas carols and a talk by Sam Chan: “Three reasons why we want Christmas to be true”.

    9:00am Sunday 25th December 2016
    WSCCC Strathfield Upper Hall
    90 Homebush Road Strathfield

  2. 2016 Talks – July to December

    During the second half of 2016 we have three exciting talk series happening at Strathfield 9am:

    The way of the righteous in the muck of life: Psalms (Ariel Kurilowicz)


    Christ in Isaiah: The gospel according to Isaiah (Keith Noldt)


    I AM: The ‘I am’ claims of Jesus in the Gospel of John (Andrew Bardsley)


  3. Unexpected Encounters: God’s Surprising Missionaries

    June 2016 is Missions Month at West Sydney Chinese Christian Church.

    At Strathfield 9am our Missions Month sermon series takes a look at how God works through surprising people in seemingly hopeless situations to carry out His plan of rescuing broken humanity and a world gone wrong.

    We’ll see how God has long been working through unexpected encounters and weak, vulnerable people – to reach out with the liberating message of God’s truth; to seek and save the lost, the outsiders and see even cruel enemy oppressors transformed by God’s love:

    5-Jun-16 Luke 4:24-30 The Gospel According to Naaman’s Slave Girl
    12-Jun-16 Jonah 1:1-16 Jonah: The Runaway Prophet
    19-Jun-16 Ruth 1:1-22 Naomi: The Bitter Evangelist
    26-Jun-16 Acts 16:6-34 A String of Unexpected Encounters