1. Letters to the Seven Churches

    In our new series at Strathfield 9am on the letters to the seven churches, we’re exploring what Jesus says to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3, and considering what Jesus says to the church today, in AD2016.

    3-Apr-16 Revelation 1:9-20 Jesus’ Letters to the 7 Churches
    10-Apr-16 Revelation 2:1-7 To the Church in Ephesus
    17-Apr-16 Revelation 2:8-11 To the Church in Smyrna
    24-Apr-16 Revelation 2:12-17 To the Church in Pergamum
    1-May-16 Revelation 2:18-29 To the Church in Thyatira
    8-May-16 Revelation 3:1-6 To the Church in Sardis
    15-May-16 Revelation 3:7-13 To the Church in Philadelphia
    22-May-16 Revelation 3:14-22 To the Church in Laodicea
  2. Easter 2016

    Join us to celebrate Easter:

    • Good Friday: 9am Friday March 25
    • Easter Sunday: 9am Sunday March 27