1. New Service

    The new service launches at 4:30pm on Sunday the 4th of March.

    We’ll share dinner after the service on this first Sunday, and at every 1st Sunday of the month.

    Our Strathfield 9am service has been very full for some time, and there’s been little room for people to come and join.  We want to see the church and God’s kingdom continue to grow, and opportunity for more people to be part of the church.

    So we’re praying and working together for two vibrant services at Strathfield where people of all ages are welcomed and enjoy giving glory to God, encouraging each other, and reaching out with God’s love and truth.

    Now we’ll have two English language services each Sunday at Strathfield:

    • 9am
    • 4:30pm

    Please pray with us and join to serve with us, for God’s glory and the building up of God’s people.

  2. The Jesus You Never Knew

    This February, we will be taking a closer look at the person of Jesus.  We’ll discover how the actual life and teaching of the real Jesus overturns many stereotypes of Jesus and Christianity in the modern western world.

    Come with us on a journey of discovering the Jesus you never knew with four talks by Sam Chan:

    1. Did you know Jesus was accused of partying too hard?  Luke 7:34
    2. Did you know Jesus was friendly with the seedy and corrupt?  Luke 7:36-50
    3. Did you know Jesus loathed religious haters and fakers?  Luke 18:9-14
    4. Did you know Jesus was more tolerant than you or I?  Luke 14:15-24
  3. Christmas Service

    Celebrate Christmas with us at Strathfield 9am!

    Sam Chan will be giving a special Christmas talk: “What if there was no Christmas: Why we need Christmas more than it needs us?”

    Christmas Day – Monday 25 December 2017, 9am.