1. Afternoon Concert – Sat 3rd Nov, 3pm

    We will be holding a Fundraiser Concert for the church development project on Saturday, November 3 at 3pm at the Strathfield chapel.

    Enjoy an afternoon of classical and worship music performed by talented members and friends of the church. The programme includes a variety of ensemble and solo musical items, plus light refreshments.

    Tickets are $20 each ($10 for kids under 12), and available from:

    • Richard Chiu (Cant),
    • Ben Qian (Mand),
    • Les Lee (Eng),
    • Vincent Cheung (CPM),
    • Margaret Chu (CP10)

    Tickets also available online at https://wscccafternoonconcert2018.eventbrite.com.au

    Click here for the poster Here: CDP concert fundraiser poster English

  2. 1 Corinthians: Seeing All of Life Through the Gospel

    From July to December 2018, we’re investigating 1 Corinthians and discovering how the message of the gospel enables us to see all of life clearly.  We’ll be digging deep into God’s word, and exploring how it informs our everyday life today.

    1 Corinthians deals with many problems in the first century church of Corinth, such as divisions in the church and disagreements about a whole range of topics.  The topics remain highly relevant hot topics today, including and competition for popularity and a ‘celebrity’ culture in the church, sexual ethics, disagreements about food, marriage, divorce, lawsuits, how to do church gatherings and worship, women in ministry, spiritual gifts, and the claim of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

    The book contrasts human wisdom and God’s wisdom to bring powerful answers to the questions of Corinth and the church and the world today, and it all centres on the message of the gospel and the cross of Christ.


  3. 1 Thessalonians Talk Series

    1 Thessalonians is the first letter of the Apostle Paul to the people who had become Christians in Thessalonica. One of the key themes of this encouraging little book is the second coming of Christ, which is mentioned in every chapter of the book.  So this series is subtitled:

    “Living in light of Christ’s Coming”

    The book gets practical as we see how the declaration of the good news about Jesus Christ had an amazing effect on the people of Thessalonica, how the church stood firm and grew despite facing opposition and persecution, and how we should live – as individuals, and as a community – between the first and second comings of the the Lord.