Bulletin Announcements – 11 February 2018

• What You Might Want To Do For Rev. Keith Noldt:
1. Pray and Fast: Please continue to personally pray, even fast, for Keith, Janette and the family, and could all Small Groups please be praying too. On Sunday mornings, at 8:15am downstairs, you can also join Mr Hing to especially uphold them in prayer at this difficult time.
2. Card: If you’d like to write and send a card to him and the family you can do so and give it to either Mrs Lydia Tan, or pastors Andrew and Ariel.
3. Short Message: If you’d like to write a longer message of thanks, love, encouragement or support we have set up a special email account for you to do this: messagesforkeith@gmail.com
4. Visit: Keith is able to talk to visitors, but needs to settle into the routine of Calvary Hospital before having more visits. If you’d like to organise a visit for when he is ready, or do something else to express love and support, please organise through Mrs Lydia Tan on 9868-3181.

• Ladies Fellowship/Stick is having its first Morning tea event for the year: Attention to ladies of ALL ages!!! Want to consume some delectable morning tea? Want to hear how God has inspired the lives of 3 very different ladies? Want to have fellowship with other ladies from the congregation? If you said yes to any of the above, please come and join us at our first Ladies Fellowship event for the year on Sunday the 4th of March at Strathfield Girls’ High School from 10:30am-12pm. Any enquiries can be directed to Clarinda Chen clarindaandrew@yahoo.com.au or Jocelyn Lin jocelynl@optusnet.com.au

• Youth Groups launching for 2018: Stick will start today, 10:30am.