Bulletin Announcements – 28 January 2018

• Next month will be the February Friend Services. Sam Chan will be speaking on a series titled “The Jesus you never knew” These talks will be delivered at S9 services. Please invite your friends and families who may be interested to join.

• New Youth Pastor: We welcome Dan Chieng as our new WSCCC Youth Pastor! Dan began work on 18 January 2018 and is employed by the church part time at 2.5 days per week to oversee Youth Ministry. He also works bi-vocationally as a pharmacist. Praise God for calling Dan to serve in our church, and pray that God will work powerfully through him and his ministry.

• Youth Groups launching for 2018: Glue will start back on Friday Feb 2nd, 7:30pm. Stick will start back on Sunday Feb 11th, 10:30am.

• Children’s Ministry: 8.55KA will be having holiday program today. 8.55KA and 10.30KA will resume Sunday School program on 4th February 2018. Playgroup will resume on 6th February 2018. We are calling for brothers and sisters who are interested to serve in children ministry in different languages and sessions. Please contact coordinator Eva Wong or deacon Lily Shen for more information.