Bulletin Announcements – 10 December 2017

  • Carols On The Lawn: This year S9 will hold it’s first Christmas Carols on the front lawn of the church! It will be a great opportunity for the church to share in the spirit of Christmas with the community. Please save the date for Sunday 17th December 2017. There will be a BBQ starting at 5:30pm and followed by a short Children’s program and then the Carols program. We are looking for more helpers with the BBQ and the Children’s program. If you are able to assist us in anyway please contact Daniel Lin 0411198815 email dcslin@hotmail.com or Andrew Bardsley.
  • Children’s Ministry: 8.55KA and 10.30KA Sunday School program for 2017 will conclude today. There is no program on 17th December, 24th December, 25th December and 31st December for 8.55KA and 10.30KA. 8.55KA will be having holiday program from the 7th January 2018. 8.55KA and 10.30KA will resume Sunday School program on 4th February 2018. Playgroup will resume on 6th February 2018. The last day for Tuesday Playgroup was 5th December and it was a Christmas Celebration and a nativity play performed by the young children on that day. Playgroup will resume on 6th February 2018.
  • Something Special:Congratulations to Courtney Law and Dickson Wu on their engagement on November 14.
  • Church Development Program (CDP) update: The CDP has commenced, and now at the stage of pre-DA (pre-Development Application) meetings with both Strathfield and Burwood councils in early December. Please pray for the wisdom of our architect Andrew Blamey and the CDP committee in finalising the design details. Please also pray for the outcomes of the pre-DA meetings, so that all will go according to God’s plan.
  • Announcement from the Diaconate:Notice is hereby given to all members to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting today at 12:30pm at the Strathfield Chapel of the church to vote on the following two motions: (1) To appoint Billy Lee as a full-time pastor of the church, serving at the Cantonese congregations. His initial term will be 3 years and renewable. (2) To appoint Dan Chieng as a part-time (2.5 days a week) Youth Pastor, serving at the Strathfield English congregation. His initial term will be 2 years and renewable. Information about the background of both Billy Lee and Dan Chieng is available on the separate insert in the bulletin.