Jesus Among Other Gods

June is Mission month at WSCCC, and we’re doing a series on “Jesus Among Other Gods”.  In this series, inspired by Ravi Zacharias’ book of the same name, we will look at four major ideologies in our world:

  • June 4: Atheism
  • June 11: Buddhism
  • June 18: Hinduism
  • June 25: Islam

We’ll gain a better understanding of these different beliefs and how they compare and contrast with the message of Jesus, and consider their underlying worldview and implications.

We’ll seek to do this in a spirit of true tolerance – that we love and accept all people regardless of their beliefs – and that respectful disagreement and debate is an important part of a multicultural society.  We also recognise that these thought systems have significant differences in what they teach and maintain about the nature of reality – and these are matters not merely of subjective personal preference but matters of objective truth.